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Legacy Medical - Neonatal and Labor & Delivery


Neonatology and Labor & Delivery

Legacy Medical was established to provide superior products and services to healthcare professionals.  Our mission is to consult on clinically innovative technologies that will improve patient outcomes.

What Our Clients Say

JIM s, NICU Operations

" I can always count on Legacy  Medical for backorder support, competitive pricing and high levels of customer service"

Gina b, Nurse Educator

" LMS goes above and beyond to support me with inservicing, education and the adoption of new products. I'm appreciative because most companies don't offer to assist me in training the staff...If they do its lack luster at best"

Dr. C, Neonatologist

" You represent the best NICU Medical Devices out there. Meeting with your reps is fun and I enjoy them showing me the last & greatest."

Areas of Focus
Legacy Medical - Neonatal Intensive Care

We focus on industry-leading solutions for premature and newborn infants.

Legacy Medical - Labor & Delivery

Our products offer the best care for mothers and infants during labor and delivery processes.

List of Solutions


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